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Angle of incidence - the angle that a light ray or electromagnetic wave striking a surface makes with a line perpendicular to the reflecting surface.

Angle of Incidence Capelet

The Angle of Incidence Capelet, designed by Joan Forgione, is constructed from the top-down with simple rib panel slants from the base of the split turtleneck to the bottom edge of the capelet. The optional crochet trim is tipped with a charm to complete the faux closure. The exceptional design details result in a piece that is very feminine, simple and chic.

The Angle of Incidence Capelet, knit with String’s exclusive Biagioli Filati Modesto Silky Cashmere - 90% cashmere/10% silk, offers the elegance of cashmere with an added dimension created by a delicate silk strand. We chose this yarn for its luxurious feel and drape. Silky cashmere has a “must touch it” texture that we know will make it a best-selling yarn again this season.

We all love a deliciously soft hand knitted piece, and the cowl-like Angle of Incidence Capelet does not disappoint. Allow it to caress you neck and shoulders as you move through your day. A great layering piece and perfect as we transition into the warmer weather. 


March 05, 2016

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