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Last week we celebrated our 1-year anniversary at our new location with an in-store champagne toast and a special one-day sale. We hope local New Yorkers had a chance to stop by and celebrate with us and that our online friends grabbed at the opportunity to pad their stash at a discount!


The rosy, heart-shaped month of February—a month known for indulging in warm feelings, keeping close to the ones you care about, and ‘sharing the love’— is well underway, and we thought it was the perfect time to open the String doors a little wider to give our fans a sneak peek at who we are behind the scenes. Yes, we’re fashionably fantastic; we love our luxury fibers; we’re obsessed with crafting; we adore Manhattan! But String Yarns is more than just a cozy knitter’s aerie overlooking Lexington Avenue. It’s time you met our family!

We’re pleased as punch to introduce you to Lisa Hoffman, one of our premier instructors and beloved member of the String team. We sat down with Lisa to find out how she likes to spend her time when she isn’t knitting, what makes her list of favorite fibers, and the all important and defining question of whether she’s a picker or a thrower.


Let’s start at the beginning—where are you from? 

Long Island, New York. 

When did you start knitting?

Although I was always crafty as a kid, I wasn’t a knitter. I have a BFA from the University of Michigan School of Art—my major was Graphic Design. I learned to knit when I was pregnant with my first child. I had stopped working, and there was a lovely LYS around the corner from my apartment. 

What do you love about knitting?

I love the fibers and colors and working with my hands, as I had been doing as a Graphic Designer (and this was before computers!). I took to the techniques quite easily.

What are your favorite fibers to work with?

Cashmere, of course. And wonderful merinos. Also blends of cashmere with silk and merino. I've been lucky enough to work in great yarn shops, surrounded by so many luxury fibers.

Are you a picker or a thrower – do you knit Continental or English style?

I started out English, but taught myself Continental and it's much more comfortable for me now. I work fair isle holding yarn in both hands. 

How many WIPs do you currently have on the needles?

I always have so many things in progress! Right now I am finishing up a gradient scarf that I was inspired to knit when we received some gradient kits from Koigu for VKLive. I have always loved the colors of Koigu. I am also working on a black lace shawl, and this time of year I am always knitting gloves or wristers. 

 Lisa's City Mitts

What is your favorite thing to knit? 

Lace is my favorite.

What inspires you to knit? 

I’m usually inspired by the fiber and the color. I like to swatch and look through pattern dictionaries. 

What was the last thing you finished?

I am so proud to have a quarterly column in Faerie Magazine with my cousin Alice Hoffman where she writes a fairytale and we pair it with a knit piece. My Rose’s Wristlets (shown below) from the Winter issue were a huge hit, and in the Spring issue she wrote a story about Everlasting Love, for which I designed a beautiful infinity scarf. 

Set the mood. How else do you entertain yourself when you're knitting? Are you currently watching something while you knit that you'd like to recommend?

I watch way too much television! That's when most of my knitting gets done, at night after dinner on the couch in front of the TV. We just finished the second season of Transparent and loved it, and now we’re starting Mozart in the Jungle

We hope you enjoyed meeting Lisa! If you’re in the New York area or visiting the city, come in to String Yarns and meet her in person! You can find her in the shop most days, teaching classes or assisting a woebegone knitter in need—and always with something on the needles, of course! Be sure to look for her wonderful work in the next issue of Faerie Magazine and check her out on Ravelry.

Are you a picker or a thrower? What do you watch or listen to while you’re knitting? Check out our String Team page and let us know who you would like to hear from next!

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February 18, 2016

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