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It’s hard to fathom, but it has been a year since String Yarns reopened its doors on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We’re proud to say we’ve hit our stride, meeting new fibery friends and expanding our family of luxury yarns and coveted patterns.

Do you believe this was us just one year ago?

String reno

Talk about your ultimate WIP! Even our fearless leader Stacy Charles, who has been with us steering the ship since the very beginning, is boggled by the rapid passage of time:

“It amazes me to think we are at our first anniversary! Bringing the String legacy forward is both daunting and exciting. We are holding true to our roots while trying to be more accessible, too. Our goal is to educate and bring more skillsets to our customers. At the same time, we are creating garments and fashions that could only be devised by our talented and expert staff. String is a true New York knitting experience!”

String reno collage

It took some time to reach the beautifully sunlit, luminescent space you see above, but once it was finished it quickly became a second home for our staff—a comfortable oasis in which to work, teach, and knit, flooded with gorgeous fibers and clean, natural light. 

String events

Now bright and open, String was the perfect place to host our BFFs (Best Fibery Friends, if you remember). Knitwear fashion designer Hania Cole (above middle) felt right at home in our studio-like setting, and Long Island Livestock Company's decadent array of alpaca and natural lanolin beauty products (above left & right) lent String the air of a sensuous spa. Their visits, along with others, warmed the hearth of String Yarns' new home.

Of course, String Yarns is nothing without its loyal, hardworking staff. Each String Yarns member has brought something unique and indispensable to the String family, and we wouldn’t be here without him or her.

The most important member of the String Family? Well, that would be YOU! Without you, we wouldn’t be here. We can’t thank you enough…but we can certainly try! And it’s the month of February, after all—what better time to share the love?

Next Tuesday, February 9, String Yarns would like to toast you with a special in-store and online discount of 15% off all yarns! This is a one-day-only special, so make sure you stop by or check in on your computer. Use code SYBDAY16

Here’s to you! Thank you for a sensational, fiber-filled year—we can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

String staff toast

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February 04, 2016

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