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When a new yarn arrives at String, you can almost hear the wheels turning in everyone’s head thinking of what the yarn wants to be, and our new cashmere yarn is no exception. Introducing Silky Cashmere - a 90% cashmere/10% silk blend created from our wishlist of yarns for Filati Biagioli Modesto. Lidia Karabinech knew this yarn was perfect for her latest design. Inspired by a silhouette created from a past season and a piece that we all admired from our Anya Cole for Hania in-store event, behold, the “Two-Way Vest”.

The vest is versatile and looks great two ways. By reversing the direction of the vest, it transforms this piece from casual and classic to chic and sophisticated. Wear it in the traditional silhouette and the cables travel along the top of the design and flow down on either side of the body. The pockets lay towards the bottom and create a very comfortable garment that always looks smart. Wear it with a pair of jeans or cords and look sharp as you meet friends for lunch, head off to a meeting at work or take a brisk fall walk. Reverse it and the piece converts into a trapeze shape with a modern flowing, soft silhouette. Pockets now lay to your sides but at a slant and the cables now create an elegant flowing lower panel.

Silky Cashmere has wonderful characteristics to it. The silk strand wrapped around the super soft cashmere creates a slight texture, similar to a delicate boucle. The light reflects the cashmere and the silk differently, adding depth before we even start with a pattern stitch. A broken rib pattern stitch was chosen for the majority of the body to achieve movement and great drape.

String Yarns Two-Way Vest
Amazing new yarn. Extraordinary design. Finish up those holiday gifts and knit something amazing for yourself. Enjoy!

Offered in Stacy Charles Silky Cashmere (90% cashmere, 10% extrafine merino wool)and Filatura di Crosa Zara 8 (100% extrafine merino wool).

Get the "Two-Way Vest" 20% OFF in December. 

December 02, 2015

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