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String Yarns loves intricate stitchwork—especially cables. Looking at our exclusive line of cashmere yarns, it’s not hard to see why. String Classica, String Classica DK, and String Classica Bulky are particularly well suited to textural knitwear. They create decadently soft but strong fabrics that support bold patterning, bloom beautifully when washed, and last a lifetime. Imagine our excitement, then, for the onset of cold weather, when perennially fashionable cable knitwear comes back into play and the opportunity arises once again to use the most cherished tools in the String Yarns’ toolbox.


 Cables, Cables Everywhere

Invariably, cold weather brings a renewed appreciation for cabled knitwear. Fall 2015’s high fashion runways were resplendent with cable sweaters, from Alexander McQueen to Nina Ricci to Pringle of Scotland and more. Women’s Wear Daily propped up the cable trend’s versatility for fall with a gorgeous, designer-inspired slideshow.

(L-R) Altuzarra, Isabel Marant, Max Mara, Michael Kors 

We glimpsed knitted sweaters in several fashion editorials as well, where cables enjoyed a looser drape in addition to the archetypal figure-hugging fit.

 (L-R) Alberta Ferretti, Banana Republic, Sea Fall, Alexander Wang and Vera Wang (Vogue Magazine)
HANIA by Anya ColeAn oversized cable sweater from HANIA by Anya Cole

Once fall and winter—our prime knitting seasons—set in, the knitwear community, of course, also begins churning out its fair share of cabled jumpers.

(L-R) Vogue Knitting Fall 2015, Knitty Fall 2015, Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2015, Interweave Knits Fall 2015

The common themes that constitute cabled sweaters quickly become apparent. Many successful cable sweaters employ a textural layout inherited from the traditional Fisherman’s sweater: a bold, central panel defines the center of the garment (and accentuates the figure), and is often flanked by columns of thinner cables if not an entire background of patterned stitchwork. In the folklore of the Aran Islands, each pattern signified something; today, we source from aesthetics alone, although the two concepts are certainly not mutually exclusive.

Inspired by the runways and the cable zeitgeist, String Yarns’ very own in-house designer, Lidia Karabinech, conceived the Cable Chic Pullover, which is 20% off for the entire month of October! Her gorgeous interpretation of this classic sweater style pulls from the traditional with a healthy, heaping dose of the au courant.

Cable Chic Pullover

Far from being derivative, the center cable of the Cable Chic Pullover is enticingly unique—you won’t find this particular motif duplicated in another sweater. A 44-stitch cable panel forms an inverted V flowing upward toward the wearer’s face and is bordered by staghorn cables that flow in the opposite direction. Because the spread of the center panel is so wide, it adds little bulk to the wearer’s form. The absence of cables at the sides of the body and in the sleeves also creates a leaner silhouette to flatter the figure.

 String Yarns’ String Classica DK Cashmere, a round, buttery-soft cashmere with crisp stitch definition, renders a lush fabric that supports robust stitchwork. This is the perfect cable sweater for both the beginner and the practiced knitter—simple enough to pick up quickly, but intriguing enough to maintain interest. Novice cable knitters need not be frightened—despite their tortuously tricky appearances, cables are dead simple to make.

Cable Chic Pullover in Classica DK

String Yarns loves the Cable Chic Pullover for its versatility—it can be styled and accessorized several different ways throughout the season (stay tuned to this space in the coming days for some helpful tips on styling)—and for its classic quality. No matter how long you have the Cable Chic Pullover in your closet, it will never go out of style—an important factor to consider if you’re interested in maintaining a timeless, eco-friendly, and sustainable wardrobe. And as this is the first year celebrating “Slow Fashion October,” what better entrée into the movement than a sweater you’ll love forever?

To help launch you on your cable-knitting journey, the Cable Chic Pullover in String Classica DK Cashmere is available at 20% off for the entire month of October. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


Upcoming October Events


October 26

Zhivago Shawl Workshop with Iris Schreier – 1-3pm


October 27

Lisa & Alice Hoffman: Faerie Magazine – 4-5pm

As always, you can check out our Classes and Events page for more details—we’re always adding fun classes and events at String, so be sure to check back often! 

Have you worked cables into your knitting before? Do you already own a favorite cable sweater? How do you style your cable knits? Let us know in the comments!


October 13, 2015

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