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144 East 74th St
2nd Floor
NY, NY 10021
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The Team

Linda Morse

What happens when an accomplished and sophisticated businesswoman – who just happens to love to knit – decides she wants to leave the high-powered world of information technology? If she’s Linda Morse, she opens a knitting boutique and runs it with the same verve and passion that defined her high-tech career. In no time, Linda established String as New York City’s premier knitting boutique with a Zagat rating of 29! Linda’s business savvy, fashion flair and complete dedication to her customers makes String a very special experience!

Linda has been a passionate knitter throughout her entire life, and was never too busy to have a number of projects going at once, even during the busy years of raising children and pursuing her career in university administration and information technology. Linda held positions at Princeton and Columbia Universities, was part of the leadership team that built an early software startup into a multi-billion dollar company, and was the CEO of a dot com. She traveled constantly, and used these long airplane flights to finish her knitting projects and shop for new ones.

Linda toyed with the idea of opening a knitting store for over 20 years, and she prepared herself well, visiting knitting shops, yarn companies, and designers all over the world. Her pure love of knitting, teamed with her drive, business acumen, and sense of fashion and elegance, makes String the ultimate knitting experience.


Lidia Karabinech

String would not be String without Lidia! Lidia joined String about a month before we opened in Fall 2002. As our in-house designer, Lidia has designed at least a garment a month for String for the last 11 years, not to mention writing hundreds of custom patterns. Lidia also oversees our finishing services, and she works her magic to make each of our customers pieces look couture.  In addition to Lidia's designs for String, she has published extensively in Vogue Knitting, Interweave, and several books.


Becky Kimmelstiel

Anyone who has called, emailed or visited String, or who receives our weekly newsletter, knows Becky. As part of String since 2008, Becky is the most fabulous store manager ever. She helps everyone in every way, always with a smile, and she makes sure that everything is in stock. She not only gives us the hip view of what's chic (and what's not), but she is also our main model, giving each of our designs a totally New York look.


Petra Marcelle

Petra is the best yarn store sales person, teacher, helper, and advisor imaginable. And she has more patience than anyone we know. She also keeps the front and the back of the store looking perfect at all times. But that's just the icing on the cake. Before coming to String, Petra worked for 15 years at another yarn store in New York City, and her reputation among New York knitters is unparalleled. Luckily for String, Petra joined us in January 2012, and needless to say, we are all the more loved by having her here!


Lisa Hoffman

Lisa is our instructor extraordinaire! Since she joined us on a part time basis in 2007, Lisa has developed a number of very special courses, most notable of which is our annual Summer Camp Design Workshop, and Lisa's innovative Directed Knitting. And Lisa too is a well published designer with designs published in Vogue Knitting, Interweave, and TSC pattern books. Lisa has also done a number of well loved designs for String including our fabulous sampler blanket.